“हेयम् दुःखमनागतम्" || Heyum dukhaman agatham
"avert the danger that has not yet come"

Poorva Janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena badhatey | Tat shanthihi aushadaihi danaihi japa homa kriyadibhihi ||

We enliven natural law for a specific desired effect.

Saran Navarathri (9 Nights Of Fall) – 2022


Special Yagyas & Remedies for Navaratri Celebrations –
Significance of Saran Navaratri and benefits of the Special Yagyas During this period

Navratri is a festival dedicated to Worship of the Goddess. Apart from the 9 given forms of the Divine Mother, some Sadhakas (Aspirants) also propitiate 10 special forms known as Dasa Maha Vidyas, who are extraordinary and whose powerful blessings make possible even the most difficult of conditions.

The worship of Maha Vidyas bestows the worshipper with numerous blessings.

Navratri starts this year from Thursday – 7th October and runs till Friday – 15th October. This is the time to get into Pure Spiritual mode and enjoy the Fortune of Vedic Remedies like Pooja’s, Yagya’s and all other Spiritual advancement.

The Nine days of Auspicious Navaratri are special for Spiritual Sadhakas (Aspirants) and devotees. The Goddess is in her most approachable form at this time. Her Divine Blessings easily remove all difficulties.

Any yagyas performed for personal & business gains at this time of the year are most beneficial and powerful.

The Vedic Yagya Center (Pundit Samavedula) has come up with exclusive and extraordinary Powerful Yagyas and Remedies during this Auspicious Navratri time. These Yagya Remedies assist material aspects of life such as health, wealth, prosperity, relationships, peace, longevity, protection, and Moksha (Salvation to Enlightenment) for the aspirant. Our main goal is to address everyone’s specific needs. This Yagya brings divine grace and the Goddess’ blessings in all areas of life.

Sata Chandi Yagya: 108 recitations of all 700 verses of Devimahatmyam
(Grants prosperity & divine protection in legal, relationship, and business matters) Participate Now

Maha Dhana Lakshmi Yagyas with 1008 Pink Lotuses/Red Roses Flowers
(Grants financial gains, unfolds hidden richness, neutralizes any obstacles in startups & abundance of Wealth) Participate Now

Sri Vidya Navavarana sri yantra Yagya
(Grants spiritual upliftment, enlightenment, control over emotions, anxiety, and self-realization) Participate Now

Vana Durga Mahavidya Yagya
(Grants Positive results in Legal Court Cases, protection from Negative evil eyes in personal and business issues) Participate Now

Rudra Yagya for Cleansing All Karmas and Liberation
(For Health and healing and releasing karmas for a better prosperous, happy life) Participate Now

Special yagya of the Day During the Navaratris

Padyami Tithi
Vanadurga Yagya: Participate Now
This Yagya bestows positive results in legal court cases and provides protection from negative energy and evil eye in business and personal lives. Goddess Durga is both a fierce form of Shakti (Power) and an incarnation of the Divine Mother. She plays a key role in destroying evil forces and enemies. Vanadurga is the protector of forests. Her supreme powers are renown, and she looks after and protects her devotees. The benefits of the Yagya are most powerful during the Fall Navratri.

Vidiya Tithi
Bala Tripura Sundari and Indrakshi Yagya: Participate Now
These Yagyas increase self-realization degrees, alleviate anxiety levels and strengthen participant’s mental abilities. They open the doors for Moksha (salvation). Indrakshi Yagya is beneficial for gaining wealth and welcoming monetary gains in both personal and business lives. Participating in these Yagyas influences all the Siddhis and brings success in your area of expertise. They also eliminate ignorance and create and maintain positive thoughts and energies.

Tadiya/Tritiya Tithi
Gayatri Mantra and Swarnakarshana Bhairava Yagya: Participate Now
This Yagya grants knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and reveals hidden wealth. You will make better, more timely decisions in both personal and business issues. The Swarnakarshana Bhairava Yagya illuminates many opportunities and attracts more sales and business. It will also reveal the hidden richness in personal and business issues.

Chaturthi Tithi
Lalita Sahasranama Yagya: Participate Now
This Yagya involves the 1000 names of Lalita Tripura Sundari, who is the embodiment of Prakriti (Nature). This Yagya enhances prosperity and happiness in one’s life and provides the utmost satisfaction and peace. This Yagya also resolves family disputes and brings the family together. By participating in this Yagya, you will be blessed with stronger relationships between friends, family, and any other relationships. It also enhances health.

Annapurna Yagya and Vanigindra Yagya: Participate Now
These Yagyas reduce poverty, create prosperity, grow business sales, and increase success. This Yagya is particularly suited to increasing sales and thus increasing profits.

Saptami Tithi
Goddess Maha Saraswati Yagya: Participate Now
This Yagya assists the sponsor in academic issues and hardships through the grace and blessings of Goddess Saraswati. She resolves all problems related to education. This Yagya can also reveals more wisdom within the participant.

Ashtami Tithi
Maha Shulini Durga Yagya: Participate Now
This Yagya reduces malefic planetary influences and protects the sponsor through all kinds of challenges.

Navami Tithi
Khadgamala and Pratyangira Yagya: Participate Now
This Yagya neutralizes opponents’ and enemies’ strength, resolves conflicts and settles legal issues. This Yagya grants spiritual development as well.

Dashami Tithi
Navavarana Yagya: Participate Now
This Yagya provides spiritual enlightenment, control of emotions and self-realization. The Divine Mother is worshipped in the form of Sri Yantra, which helps in creating positive vibrations in the chakras in the human body as well as cleansing them.


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Saran Navarathri (9 Nights Of Fall) – 2021

Level 1 Complete Full Yagya Program for all 9 days, All Yagyas Included, Level 2 Daily Special Yagya of the day, Chandi, Sri Vidya and Rudra Yagyas for all 9 days, Level 3 Special yagya of the Day During the Navaratris All Nine days, Level 4 Any one full day During these Navaratri Yagyas



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