“हेयम् दुःखमनागतम्" || Heyum dukhaman agatham
"avert the danger that has not yet come"

Poorva Janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena badhatey | Tat shanthihi aushadaihi danaihi japa homa kriyadibhihi ||

We enliven natural law for a specific desired effect.

Chinnamasta Maha Vidya Yagya


The sixth one in the Dasa Maha Vidya series is Goddess Sri Chinnamasta. She is also popularly known as “Vajra Vairochani” or “Prachanda Chandi Devi.” Her worshippers are blessed with self-discipline, and gain control over their emotions. They will be strengthened for overcoming severe harmful addictions for negative things or bad habits and blessed with excellent learning skills, strong divine protection from enemies, negative energies and will be victorious in all their endeavors, regaining lost reign and glory, and gain in business and building popularity. It helps one be relieved from very tough, challenging situations that come through “Sanchita Papas” (accumulated sins carried from one birth to another). Her devotees are also freed from any ancestral curses that are being brought from generation to generation. She bestows special powers to accomplish all problematic tasks and gain successful conclusions over them by controlling nature and natural elements if required. This Dasa Mahavidya Yagya Worship is also a remedial measure to reduce planet Rahu’s influence in one life.

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I request vedic (vydic) Yagya Center to perform the above mentioned Poojas/Yagyas and agree to the above terms.The Yagyas will help to remove negative karma and help to co-create positive future karma.They work by divine power,however it is important that I make very effort to comply with the instructions recieved and have faith and continue prayers.I agree that by participating in the vedic (vydic) Yagya Center any knowledge gained will not be used as substitute for health care treatment,programs or advice normally recieved from doctors,lawyers,or financial advisors.Vedic(Vydic) Yagya Center does not make any warranties or representations concerning any specific results or effects.
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