“हेयम् दुःखमनागतम्" || Heyum dukhaman agatham
"avert the danger that has not yet come"

Poorva Janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena badhatey | Tat shanthihi aushadaihi danaihi japa homa kriyadibhihi ||

We enliven natural law for a specific desired effect.




This is the story of a demoness who was brainless, animal-like and cruel. When
performing penance to satiate her basic needs, she realizes the Self as a natural process.
She becomes so good that she is revered by all as an auspicious Goddess. Self-realization
is not the sole property of Sages and well-versed Yogis. Even the worst category of
people can attain the Supreme State of the Self through sincere effort.
Long long ago, upon the Himalayan Mountains covered with dense forests, various kinds
of creatures and demons had made their home. These demons always kept watch for
unwary humans to cross the jungles and fed on them ruthlessly. This meat-eating clan
came in various colors and shapes. One of them, shaped like a giant crab was known as
Karkata (crab). He had a daughter who exactly looked like him, (crablike) and she was
known as Karkatee.
Karkatee was extremely black in color, so black that she looked like a huge statue carved
out of a mountain of collyrium. She wandered like a black mountain come alive.
Her eyes were red and glaring like lightning.
When she stood up, clouds got entangled in her matted black hair.
Her legs were like palm trees.
Her body was hard like a rocky mountain.
Her nails were huge like winnowing baskets and sharp like diamonds.
When hungry, she walked through any region inhabited by humans and made a hearty
meal of them.
She strung their skeletons and wore them like a garland. She decorated her body with the
limbs and parts of the corpses.
She chilled the hearts of people like a vampire. Terrified of her, people residing in those
mountain regions fled to the plains.
The mountain region had become empty and deserted.

Poor Karkatee had to go food-less for many days. She was forced to hunt for rabbits and
lions now. Soon the mountain-forests were empty of animals too. The mountains were
silent like the dead. No living being moved there except Karkatee.

Hunger gnawed the demoness like a rat. Her belly was burning fiercely for want of food.
She could not bear the pain anymore. She decided to invade the cities in the plains and
eat off the entire human clan and satiate her hunger. But she knew it was impossible.
People had their own way of warding her off. They propitiated gods, performed penance,
recited sacred chants and kept her away.
Her huge body was a hindrance in achieving her goal, she thought in despondence. Even
when she was miles away, people saw her and hid themselves in caves and under ground
tunnels away from her reach. She wished she was small, so small that she should be
invisible to one and all; so small that people would never even know if she ate their flesh
and sucked their blood; so small like a needle; a living needle; but not a metallic needle;
she should be non-metallic yet be sturdy like a metal.

She nodded her head in appreciation of her own intelligence.
‘If she was like a living needle, then she would make a meal out of all the bodies that
exist on the earth and be ever happy. Nobody would escape her deadly presence. In this
manner she could always keep her belly filled up. She will never go hungry again. People
will never know of her existence.’
She chuckled within herself. But the problem was in getting such a body.
She who had never thought so much in her life felt her head reeling. She would have
almost fallen out of the mountain drilling a hole through the entire earth and got up on the
other side, but for the pleasant smell of some food moving in that mountain. Her heart
beat in excitement. She peered across the trees and rocks to observe her delicacy
properly. She could not believe herself. Her food was walking towards her. She waited
patiently. Her body became motionless like a rock. She even stopped breathing, lest the
stormy winds coming out of her nose cast the food afar.
The food walking towards the demoness was a handsome young recluse. He was attired
in just an animal skin. His whole body was covered with ashes. He looked like a young
Shiva descended from the Kailaasa Mountain. He saw a huge black rock blocking his
path suddenly. He just let out a scornful laugh and started walking around the rock to
climb the mountain.
The rock moved.
A huge hand descended down like a serpent trying to grasp the Yogi (adept in ascetic
practices). But it was hit by an invisible wall as it were, which shielded the Yogi from all
the sides.
After failing in repeated attempts to grab him, the demoness felt defeated. She assumed a
normal female form and blocked the path of the Yogi. The Yogi stood there watching her
silently. Mischief gleamed in his eyes. Karkatee observed his calm disposition and
somehow felt that the solution to her problem would be found in him. She saluted him
and cried out her troubles to him. She told him about her hunger; lack of food; and her
desire to assume a needle-form.
The Yogi listened patiently to all that she said. He just asked her whether she would be
happy being a needle. She nodded her head in the affirmative.

The Yogi looked at her pityingly. However, he explained to her that she should perform
penance to achieve such a goal. Only the Creator was capable of granting her wish. He
told her not to break her penance whatever happens and instructed her, the Sacred Chant
which she should repeat till the Creator appeared before her. Karkatee could not believe
her good fortune. She fell at his feet in gratitude.
The next instant the Yogi was gone.

Karkatee became her original self. She could only appear like a human for a few minutes
on rare occasions; but she could not retain such forms for long. She cursed her huge form
and wondered what to do next.
She had to find a place for penance now. It had to be unapproachable to any humans or
animals. No one should harm her body in any way when she was absorbed in penance she
thought. She decided to climb the highest mountain there and do penance on its peak.
Like a black mountain climbing a white mountain, she slowly dragged her gigantic form
up the icy paths. At last she found a rocky ground on the peak. The place was too
dangerous for any human or animal to wander about.
She somehow managed to bathe her gigantic form in some huge waterfall there. Then she
climbed a rock in the middle of the mountain river. She stood on a single foot; lifted her
two serpent-like arms in salutation and started repeating the ‘Mantra’ (Magical chant) taught
by the Yogi.
She had not much trouble in controlling her thoughts. After all there was only one
thought in her mind i.e., food. She suppressed it and concentrated on the Mantra.
Days, weeks, months, years passed.
From far away, people heard the humming sound from the mountain.
The whole mountain trembled as it was with the continuous sound rising from its top.
Every one kept away from it thinking that the mountain itself had become an evil ghost.
Karkatee never moved even a little. Her mouth continuously chanted the Mantra.
Her hair spread all over the sky keeping the Sun hidden.
Clouds rested on her head as if on the top of a dark mountain.
But this dark mountain slowly became thinner and thinner for lack of food.
The skin covering the body became loose and hung like a cloth with many folds and
fluttered in the stormy winds blowing across her.
Thousands of years passed.

Eight Thousand years had passed.
Lord Brahmaa appeared in front of her.
He addressed her in a thunder like voice louder than hers so that she could hear his
He asked her compassionately what boon she desired for.
The demoness without opening her eyes calculated in her mind as to what sort of boon
she should ask for. She worded her request carefully.
She said, “O Lord! Make me a living needle, a SOOCHEE. But I should not be metallic
like an iron needle. I should at the same time be hard like a metal, so I don’t get crushed
by anything. I should have two types of needles as my body. I should be a living needle
and enter all the people’s hearts through the medium of winds; should be able to suck
their blood and flesh; and satiate my hunger. I should also be able to pierce through
everybody as a non-metallic, yet metallic needle and enter their insides; then I would be
able to eat off their flesh continuously without a break and fill my stomach.”
Brahmaa granted her the boon she requested for; but he put forth a condition that she
should attack only wicked people, people living in unhygienic conditions, people who
always took to sinful paths, people who ate improper food, people who were foolish etc.
He told her that she will become a needle spreading deadly diseases and will be known as
cholera, the VISHOOCHIKAA. He also created a magical hymn for the sake of the good people
to ward off her attack. He gave that Mantra to the Siddhas who wandered all over the
earth and ordered them to protect the good people from the disease brought about by the
‘living needle’ namely Karkatee.
Lord Brahmaa vanished from sight.
Karkatee instantly reduced from her mountain sized body to a needle of an atomic size.
She was completely invisible. But she did not lose her own thoughts about her identity.
She though miniature in size had all the body parts as before but was shaped like a
Among so many conceptions, she was just another shape newly conceived in the state of
Karkatee was the same demoness (in her mind) appearing in the form of a needle. She
joyously floated through the sky and entered the well populated areas. She mixed with
the wind; entered the bodies of all the people; became a disease virus sucking their blood
and flesh. As a needle she pierced people walking on unclean grounds and afflicted them
with cholera.
When thinking she glistened like a needle of gem.
When in sunlight she shone like a diamond.
When carried by wind she was like a creeper of a cloud dense with blackness.

Subtle holes acted as her eyes. She had a subtle soft tail at the end.
She had obtained the needle shaped body through penance and was satisfied fully.
Yet again it was as if she took the vow of silence now to fulfill the one and only mission
of her life- that of satiating her enormous hunger; for, she had no ability to produce
sounds in her new form. How can a needle have a throat?
Anyhow she was invisible to the naked eye of others as she had wished.
She happily took to enjoying her new life. She hunted men and women everywhere; she
spared no one if they were negligent in hygiene. Piercing the humans as a sharp needle on
the one hand and afflicting them as a cholera virus on the other hand, she passed many
years trying to satiate her hunger.

But the foolish demoness soon found out the futility of her boon.
She was the same demoness with the same enormous hunger pangs but with the shape of
the needle. She had actually reduced her consumption rate to a minimum and what she
sucked out of humans was negligent compared to her hunger rate. She would have met a
better fate as dead than trying to fill her demonic belly with the subtle hole of the mouth
of the needle; there was no belly at all in the needle form. Whatever she sucked seemed
to vanish into nothing. There was no satisfaction at all after years of her life as a ‘living
She missed her old form.
She remembered every part of her old body and cried out for the lost limbs. She
compared the enormous amount of flesh she ate as a demoness and the micro drops of
liquid she sucked now as a needle. She cursed herself for being so foolish. She felt it was
better to die than live such a horrid life. Instead of wandering in the great mountains she
was now wandering in stinking places, dirty mires, and diseased crowds. She felt
disgusted with herself. She stopped herself forcefully from eating anymore.
Karkatee decided to go back to the Himalayan Mountain peak to perform penance again.
But lo! She had no date-tree-like legs now which could transport her body within a few
steps to the mountain region. She had no way of seeing her own needle form. She was
now only the form of wind and life.
She entered the body of a young vulture through the air it inhaled. Affected by her
presence and diseased as a result, the vulture helplessly did what her mind commanded.
That vulture brought her to the mountain peak as she desired and fell on the ground.
Soochee, the needle came out of its body. The vulture was suddenly freed of the disease
and flew away.

Karkatee had high hopes of getting back her original form of the demoness through
penance. She chose an area burnt by a heavy forest fire. No insect or animal moved there.
The ground was very hard. The place was covered with dust. Not even a blade of grass
grew there. She floated down and tried to stand on the ground. Stand on what? How?
She somehow managed to fix the edge of her body on the ground disturbing just a single
dust particle there. She looked like a dried-up grass edge suddenly sprouting on the desert
lands. She stood there on the edge of her body.
As she could not stand on one leg for lack of two legs, she imagined herself as standing
on one leg and performed penance. She removed her glance from all sides and kept
staring upward. She avoided even taking in any dust particle or pollen dust that chanced
to float near her. She was not to be moved by pouring rains or stormy winds or blazing
fires or sinking mires or hail stone showers or lightning strikes or the thundering clouds.
Even after thousands of years she stood just like that, un-moving in her body or mind.
As she had destroyed all thoughts about the outside world, ‘Knowledge of the Supreme’
dawned on her naturally. She became taintless and supremely sacred in her mind. When
all the results of her sinful actions vanished by the severe penance, she knew what was to
be known through her own intellect. She now had realized her own Self and was in the
Nirvikalpa Samaadhi.
She performed penance like this for another thousand years. The fourteen worlds
trembled by the severity of her penance. The whole mountain was set on fire as it were by
the heat of her penance. The entire world was affected by the terrible heat rising out of
her penance. The snakes struggled to breathe; the mountains melted; the airborne
creatures fell to the ground; the clouds became dry; all the space was filled with smoke
which covered even the sun.

God Indra became anxious about the fate of the three worlds and asked Sage Naarada
about the cause for such a heat. Naarada explained to him that Soochee has been doing
the penance for the past seven thousand years; but now she had the essence of the
Supreme as her nature and that fact only caused the heat in all the three worlds.
He advised Indra that he should somehow get her desire fulfilled or the three worlds were
sure, to burn away by the heat of her penance.
Indra was curious about all this and sent for his trusted friend Vaayu, the Lord of the
Winds. He requested him to visit the place where the penance was going on and asked
him to find out the true facts. Vaayu immediately left on his errand. He reached the snow
peak where Soochee was performing penance. He was amazed by what he saw.
No animal or insect moved there.
The place was as empty as the void sky. Nothing grew there because of the burning heat
pervading the area. It was as if the sun had left the sky and was residing there on that
peak. The whole area was covered with dust.

He took the form of a bee and after searching for a long time reached the exact point
where Soochee was contemplating. Exhausted, he sat down and saw her, the invisible
needle point absorbed in contemplation and shaking the entire creation! He was awestuck!
He observed Soochee’s needle-form like another sharp tiny peak poking out of the centre
of the Mountain peak. He saw her standing on one leg; her entire face dried up by the
heat rising from her head portion; the skin on her stomach dried up because of her not
eating anything; her body dried up by the sun and shattered by the winds; her not moving
even a little from her place.
The Wind-god was highly surprised and saluted her from far. Though he was curious
about why she was performing the penance, he was afraid of disturbing her. He just kept
wondering about her and returned to Indra’s palace. Indra embraced him with affection
and questioned him about what he had seen.
The wind god said,
“In the Jamboo Dweepa, there’s the Himalayan Mountain. On the northern side on the
highest peak, the Soochee, with a needle like form performs very severe penance. She has
stopped even the cool air from entering inside her by blocking her mouth with a dust
atom. By her penance the snow mountain no more is covered with snow but is like a
blazing fire. Therefore, let us all join together and go to Lord Brahmaa and request him
to fulfill her wishes. Or her penance will destroy all the worlds.”
All the Gods then went to the Lotus-born and prayed. Brahmaa promised all of them that
he will immediately attend to their request. They all returned to their own worlds.

Lord Brahmaa descended down to the earth. He saw there on that peak, three needles –
the needle of heat, needle of her shadow and the needle of her ‘Self’. The very dust
particles in that place were sanctified by her presence.
Lord Brahmaa asked her- “My daughter, what boon do you want?”
Soochee did not reply.
She thought within herself.
‘I am complete now. I have no doubts now.
What will I do with the boon? I feel peaceful. I am unattached to everything around me.
I am in a blissful state. Whatever is to be known has been known.
All doubts have been completely cleared up. My understanding is in full blossom.
What use do I have for anything else? I will remain as I am.
I have known the supreme state of reality.
What do I need anything else for? All these days I was foolish.’
Deciding thus, she remained silent.

Brahmaa himself spoke:
“Dear daughter. Accept this boon. Enjoy the world for some more time and later on after
the death of the body, you will reach the ‘Body-less Supreme state’.
You have to live out the life ordained for you. This is the restriction imposed in this
creation. Your wish will be fulfilled. You will get back your original gigantic form.
Wander in the forests as a demoness. Eat to satiate your hunger.
Live the rest of your life as a liberated person.”
So, saying, he vanished from sight.

Soochee immediately became demoness Karkatee.
Remaining in the state of the bliss of her own Self, she had lost all the characteristics of a
demoness. She sat there itself in the lotus posture, for some more time. After six months
she woke up from her trance. Immediately she felt the pangs of hunger. Observing that
the body never loses its own nature, she wondered what to do about her food.
She thought,
‘How can I eat other beings? How can it be justified! If I do not consume these beings
and death results, what does it matter? What does death or life mean to me? I am now in
the state of the mind only. The physical body is an illusion. Even changing from the
needle body to the giant form is an illusion.’
She remained silent and was getting ready to again enter the trance state.
Then a voice spoke from the sky. It was the Wind-God!
He said-
“Karkatee, go from here and enlighten the fools of this world.
The great ones should help the ignorant to evolve.
He, who does not get enlightened by you, deserves to be destroyed; so it is fully justified
that he becomes your food.”
Hearing this, Karkatee said- “I am blessed indeed”.
She got up from her seat and climbed down the mountain. She reached the base of the
mountain where the hunter clan lived. She decided to live there and eat any idiot who
passed her way and settled down there making it her permanent home.

The night was completely black with densely packed darkness. At that time, the king of
the hunter clan began his night patrol accompanied by his trusted minister. It was his duty
as a king to take a walk now and then to hunt for any vicious creature or demon hiding in
the forest to ensure the safety of his people.
Karkatee, who was waiting for some food to walk towards her, saw those two men
wandering in the forest.

She was happy and thought-
‘Two fools are coming my way only to satiate my hunger.
Body is a burden for the ignorant. The fool lives always suffering, with destruction
awaiting him here and hereafter. So, it is better that he perishes for his own good.
One who does not realize his own self is dead though alive.
If he dies at least, he will not commit more sins.
The Lotus-born has made the rule at the beginning of the Creation that a non-realized
fool should become the food for people like us.
These two are to be indeed eaten by me now.
I will be an idiot if I forego an object easily fallen on my lap.
I do not trust these two to be of noble characters. But if they are really endowed with
noble qualities then it is not right for me to eat them.
I rather will test them and find out the level of their wisdom. I will never hurt good men.
The noble ones should always be served with all humility and respect.
Even if I die of hunger, I do not care; I will not kill anyone with good character.
The noble ones who have realized the Self are a boon to the world. They spread
happiness to one and all. I would rather give up my life if I have to save their lives.
I do not have any botheration about death.
I would be happy if I can converse with the noble souls for a few minutes.
Let me test them with some questions and see what they are like.
If they are foolish and ignorant, I will punish them by death. But if they are good, they
should not be hurt in any manner.’

Karkatee first just made a thundering noise, echoing all over the forest.
The king and his minister stopped midway in their journey. Their wooden torches did not
reveal much of anything. The night was too dark, and the black form of the demoness was
not seen by them. They just looked upwards surprised at that noise.
Immediately they heard the sounds of a harsh voice hitting them like rocks falling from
the sky.
The voice said-
“HOHOHOHO! Who are you both? Are you both Sun and moon visiting the Earth or
worms crawling on the ground. Good or bad? Whoever you both are, you are fated to be
my food; get ready to die, you fools”.
The king and the minister did not waver.
The king shouted with his full voice,
“HOHOHOHO Ghost! What are you? Where are you standing? Show yourself.
Are you frightened of us? You cannot fool us with your humming noise.
Do not make a big show of threatening us.
If you want anything, tell us, we will fulfill it. Instead do not try in vain to frighten us.
Or I think you are afraid of meeting us. Quickly make us see your form.
Delay never does good to anyone.”

The demoness was pleased by their reaction. But still she made frightening noises and
laughed aloud. Her sound echoed all over the mountains. They saw her teeth glittering
bright, lighting up the whole region; her eyes shining like stabilized lightning streaks;
the black neck shivering as the thunderous noise came out of it; her teeth making a weird
unearthly noise; her legs filling up the entire sky; the hair on the head scattered all over;
the breath from her nostrils creating stormy winds; on the whole she was like the dark
night appearing with a body filled with flesh.
But the king and the minister were not in the least affected by her sight.
The minister spoke this time.
“O great demoness! Stop this comical show. You are either making an exaggeration of
your own might or just hiding your worthlessness behind this great show. It does not suit
you. The wise do not waste their time in advertising their actions. If you are intent on
frightening us only, then do not bother, we have crushed mosquitoes like you in countless
numbers. Stop all these weird noises and tell us what your intention is. We have never
sent a beggar empty handed any time in our lives, not even in dreams.”
The demoness started thinking,
‘These two men do not appear to be ordinary. Their faces and speech show their inner
determination. Maybe they already have an idea about my true nature, like I have
understood their character. These two might be realized souls. They are imperishable as
the Self. I will not kill them. I will anyhow ask them a few questions and get them to
answer me.’
She stopped all her demonic actions and asked-
“Who are you both? You both are very brave. I am of the opinion that you will act
friendly and talk to me properly.”
The minister replied,
“This one is the king of the hunter clan. I am his minister. We both are patrolling the
forest at night to destroy creatures like you who harass our people.”
The demoness first chided the minister for his arrogant answer and said-
“You both seem made for each other. A good minister only can make a good king.
A good king and a good minister make the citizens also good.
But of all the qualities a king should cultivate, the Knowledge of Brahman is the best.
Knower of Brahman alone can perform his duties well, be it a minister or a king. Only
who is adept in this royal learning (Self-realization) can have good administrating power
and have equal concern for all. If you both are like that, then it is good for you.
Otherwise you will have to meet dire consequences.
As my nature impels, I will have to eat you both. Stand on one side of me and answer my
questions. I hope you kids can at least have the ability to understand my questions. There
is no other way to escape the fate of being my food? This is what I want from you O king!
O minister! Answer my questions.

I hope you will not break your promise and refrain from answering them. A person who
breaks his promise never can escape destruction.”
The king said, “Ask any question you like.”
The demoness shot forth then, highly abstract questions about the Self and Brahmaan.
The minister and the king answered them all without a single flaw. As she was absorbed
in listening to their talk on the Supreme Reality, her mind was cleansed of all restlessness
and envy. She was filled with a unique sort of bliss.

As her questions could not be answered well by just quoting texts but only through sheer
experience, the demoness understood them to be realized souls. She was extremely
pleased and asked them what they wanted of her.
The king explained to her that the people in his country were afflicted by heart trouble
and affected by cholera.
He said,
“I am now in search of the sacred chant which will cure the patients when the ordinary
medicines fail to cure them.”
He continued:
“My job is to kill people like you who afflict the innocent. Promise me that you won’t hurt
anybody anymore.”
The demoness promised him that she will do likewise and will never hurt any living
being from that very moment.
The king understood what her words amounted to. Her very nature was to eat raw flesh of
humans. If she withheld herself from eating humans, then she would indeed starve to
death, he thought. Overwhelmed with compassion, he asked her what she will eat in
The demoness replied that she was in ‘perturbation-less trance’ all these years. When she
woke up she had felt hungry as a natural requirement of her body. She informed him that
she will now return to the very same peak where she performed penance and spend the
rest of her life in contemplation of the Self like a living statue.
The king wanted to know more about her past life, and she told him all her life events
briefly. She recounted to him her whole life story where she had troubled people in the
past as a live needle foolishly. She said that she knew the Mantra given by Lord Brahmaa
to cure the cholera.
She took them both to a nearby riverbank and instructed the Mantra to both of them
through the performance of appropriate rites.

Then the demoness took leave of them and started to move away.
The king stopped her and said,
“You have taught us the sacred chant and become our Guru. You are our dear friend
now. Moreover, you are a realized person. O beautiful one! Come and have food in our
house. Do not disregard this invitation. Do not ignore our affection. Change yourself into
a form of a pretty young woman and accompany us. Live with us happily.
The demoness asked,
“You can feed the pretty woman’s form; but how can the real demoness be satiated with
such ordinary food?”
“Do not worry”, the king said in an assuring voice;
“I have a plan. You come with us as I suggested earlier, changing your demonic form
into a human form. Appear to others like a pretty lady well decked in gold and diamonds.
You stay with the other womenfolk of my palace as long as you wish.
I will leave tomorrow itself for hunting all the wicked and sinful people of the country.
I will collect them all and give them to you.
Then you discard your human form, change back into a demoness, carry them to your
familiar snow peak and eat your fill. Sleep awhile and be in the trance state of the Self
for some time. When you wake up, come here immediately.
Take another batch of prisoners with you.
This will not be considered as a sin. Those prisoners will be wicked enough to be
punished by death. So, you will not be doing an unrighteous act.”
The demoness was happy to hear of his plan. She agreed to his words.
She instantly changed herself into a beautiful woman adorned with many types of gold
and diamond ornaments.

All three of them went to the palace of the king.
The night was spent happily as they conversed about many interesting topics sitting
together like close friends. In the morning the king left her in the company of the
womenfolk of the palace and went away in search of thieves and murderers. By the sixth
day he had collected three thousand people from his own and other cities belonging to
other kings. He delivered them to her promptly.
In the middle of the night, when everyone slept, the demoness donned her own original
form, took leave of the king, carried the prisoners on her shoulder and went back to the
snow peak. She made a hearty meal of those people, slept for three days. When she woke
up, she remained in the trance state of the Self. Waking up in the third or fourth year, she
went to the king’s palace again. She spent some time conversing on many intelligent
topics with the king, then again took the next batch of prisoners to the mountain peak and
ate them all. She had no more desires.

With the help offered from the compassionate king she had enough food to fill her belly.
Living as a Jivanmukta, even now she can be seen wandering in that mountain or
absorbed in contemplation on the peak.
Of course, Karkatee had a longer lifespan than her human friends.
She maintained the same friendship with the kings, as new ones became rulers and died.
All other evil spirits and wicked demons kept away from their region fearing Karkatee’s
wrath. Karkatee also had the power to cure diseases of any kind being a Yogini of the
highest sort.
She was offered by the kings, all the punishable humans as food regularly. She was
worshipped as a goddess by one and all. Her statue with the name of Goddess
KANDARAA and MANGALAA was installed in temples in all the villages surrounding the
mountain and she was revered by all. Every king who ascended the throne of the hunter
clan installed the statue of Kandaraa Devi and worshipped her as the family goddess.
Those foolish kings, who did not do so, never ruled for long and became victims of the
people’s anger. The people attained whatever they wanted by her worship. If anyone did
not worship her, he always met with calamities led by his own evil tendencies.
She was worshipped by offering wicked people as food to be consumed by her.
Even now her statue can be seen in those regions fulfilling the wishes of her devotees.